Placing an order

Placing an order is a simple step by step process:

1. Find a template
2. Enter your texts
3. Upload your images
4. Click Update preview
5. Repeat for all pages
6. Fill in the order form
7. Click ORDER

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Step 1 – Find a template

First you need to pick a template that you think works best for you. Templates are located catalogs.

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Step 2 – Enter your texts

Type in the text in the input fields to replace the dummy text in the preview.

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Step 3 – Upload your images

Some templates give you the option to upload your own images. Pick one of the images from your image library or click the Browse… button to upload a new image from your hard drive. Read more about uploading and editing images here.

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Step 4 – Click Update preview

Click the Update preview button to view the template with the applied changes to the text and images.

You can change the preview size to get a better look of the template by selecting one of the sizes in the drop down menu below the preview image and clicking Update preview again.

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Step 5 – Repeat for all pages

Repeat Step 4 for all the pages in the template. Discard pages by leaving the input fields blank.

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Step 6 – Fill in the order form

After you are satisfied with the preview click on the Checkout link located after the preview thumbs of the template’s pages.

Note. In templates with only one page, the order form will appear below the Update preview button after you’ve clicked it.

Enter the quantity, delivery address, comments and references in the input fields of the order form.

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Step 7 – Click Order

Click the Order button on the bottom of the order form to place your order.

After you’ve placed your order, you will receive a confirmation email containing:

  • Order details
  • Printer details
  • Direct link to your order
  • The final preview image

Watch a Flash demonstration